William Davidson – The First Scots on the Miramichi

  Our second annual NB Scottish History Lecture has been posted! Watch Now

Welcome to the New Brunswick Scottish History website. This website is the result of the NB Scottish Portal Project and the research the committee carried out over a three year period. This site is managed by New Brunswick Scottish-Cultural Association through an appointed committee. During the research, the Scottish Portal advisory committee discovered many untold stories from different families and individuals who came to New Brunswick in the early to late 1800s. The committee could not allow those stories to go untold. Our stakeholders were also asking for specialized functionality. As a result, the advisory committee made the decision to build a site with the stories and functionality our stakeholders were asking for.

www.nbscottishhistory.ca was launched on November 30, 2014 to the public. We are also in the process of creating a Teachers’ Resource Centre to be launched at a future date.

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