William Davidson – The First Scots on the Miramichi

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Welcome to the Friends of the New Brunswick Scottish History. This page showcases our loyal stakeholders who provided donations towards this site to make it a reality. Without their generous contributions this site would not have happened. The Friends will have an annual online fundraising drive to raise money for ongoing enhancements and research.

The friend’s concept we have selected is based on the ancient Scottish clan system of chiefs. Because once you make a donation you become part of our family of supporters.

The Scottish Gaelic word clann means children. In early times, and possibly even today, clan members believed themselves to descend from a common ancestor, the founder of the Scottish clan.

3 Three Scottish eagle feathers: "Chief of the Clan"
Donations of $800 or more

2 Two Scottish eagle feathers: "Chieftain"
Donations between $200 and $799

1 One Scottish eagle feather: "Armiger"
Donations between $25 and $199

Depiction of a clan chief
A romantic depiction of a clan chief illustrated by R. R. McIan, from James Logan's The Clans of the Scottish Highlands, 1845.

Chief of the Clan: $800 +

Robert Campbell
Gail Hooper
James Irving
Stewart MacMillan
Chris Robbins
Clans and Scottish Societies of Canada
Fredericton Society of Saint Andrew
NB Highland Society at Miramichi
NB Scottish-Cultural Assn.
NB Scottish-Cultural Assn. Bathurst
Saint Andrew's Society of Saint John
Canada Summer Jobs 2013

Chieftain: $200–$799

Archie and Georgia Babcock
Susan Bleakney
(in memory of Michael Bleakney)
Kathleen Bursey
Bruce Campbell
Allan Donaldson
Margaret Hunter
Will Hyslop
Howard MacEachern
Barbara MacIntosh
James MacKenzie
Isabel MacLaggan
Edward MacLean

Irene McCardle
Joyce Neuburg
Doris Nicholson
Brenda Parrott
Brenda Perreault
Dugald Richford
Ian Russell
Keith Scott
Jean Smith

Caledonian Society of Restigouche
City of Fredericton Heritage
Gathering of the Scots

Armiger: $25–$199

Jim Anderson
Jennifer Atkinson
David Bailey
Kathryn Barnes
Dawn Bremner
Barbara Bruce
Roberta Bunker
Gladys Buraglia
James Burns
Eric Carr
Aldra Carson
Dorothy Creighton
Robert Currie
Rodney Currie
Betty Donaldson
Pat Flemming
Ramona Francis
Mary Ann Gammon
MacGillivray George
Knut Grotterrod
Dolina Gunning
Angus Hamilton
Ian Hamilton
Merril Henderson
Patsy Hennessy
Paul Horncastle
Robert Howie
Melynda Jarratt
Mary King
Bertha Lindsay
Robert Lockhart
Barbara MacAulay
John MacDougall
Donald MacGowan
Barry MacKenzie
Jocelyn and Vaughan MacKenzie
Lloyd MacKenzie
William and Audrey MacKinnon
Donald MacLeod
Angus MacNabb
Myrtle MacNaughton
Bunnie Matheson
George McAllister
Rosemary McCain-McMillan
Justin McCurdy
Teididh McElwaine
Ethel McIvor
Clan McKay
Nancy McKay
David Morrison
Darlene Morton
Karen Morton
Phyllis Mossman
Paula Murray
Ian Oliver
Anne Orser
Barbara Peddle
Roland Pentland
Leslie Price
Georgie Roberts
Ted Ross
Greater Moncton Scottish Assn
Pam Shields
James & Christine Simmie
Llewellyn Smith
Phil and Pauline Smollett
Paul Stewart
Janet Stothart
Vivian and Alonzo Sturgeon
Dan Taylor
Malcolm Taylor
Maria Thompson
Mary Ann Trail
Villa Urquhart
Vernon Ward
Huntley Wishart
Suzanne Young

If you have donated and your name does not appear on this page, or if you have found an error, please contact us and let us know.